Our Programs

An effort of quenching knowledge thirst….

  • Mission IAS – A long-term preparatory exercise for students to get equipped for competitive exams starting from grade 3
  • Math ‘O’ Mind Mathathon (Vedic Math) – Enhancing calculating speed along with almost error free accuracy levels from grade 1 onwards. Software for VEDIC MATH is installed in all computers of classrooms as well as computer labs. We have introduced Vedic math in house competition for Std.III to Std. VIII. Operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, cube root, square and cubes etc. are taught using sutras and sub sutras thus enhancing mental calculation speed, intelligence and logical ability. Math O Mind Mathathon is an in house competition which consists of pen paper tests as well as tests on software. Two topper students from each Std. are rewarded with 1 gm gold coin and 0.5 gram gold coin.
  • Debates & Oratory – Covering topics & controversies of global – national importance across fields, stimulating analytical skills, presentation abilities and expression of thoughts candidly.
  • E-Books – All the subjects are taught using e books Digital content provides fresh inputs and enriched visual appeal. Learning is faster and has more retention. Many concepts are taught by using stories, animations and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Computer Wizards – We have two state of art computer labs with 60 computers. Software like LOGO, GIMP, sketch up and sky builder are taught. Programming Languages like HTML, Q Basic, C+ +, Visula basic are taught.
  • News Post – To develop newspaper reading habit on daily basis 3 students from each class Grade 5 to Grade 9 have to bring news written in their own words in English language. This will further hep in improving their language skills too. These news are posted on the news post on ground floor so as other students can get to know what’s happening in the world around them.
  • Reformative evaluation – This is one of its kind assessment and remedial tool to asses a kid’s progress, strengths and weaknesses, currently for Maths, Science and languages has been started from October 2016. ‘Reformative evaluation’ is done from grade 2 onwards. Grade 2 students have to solve grade 1 papers. Grade 3 has to solve.
  • Scholarship examination – Students are taught entire syllabus of Std. V and VIII in the school. Mock Tests are conducted and remedial measures are adopted. Std. IV & Std. VII students are also taught scholarship syllabus for next year preparation. Coaching starts from July every year & 3 Mock tests are taken before January every year. Saukhya Hiware Maharashtra State Scholarship Std. VIII secured 13th rank in State and 2nd rank in District. While Rudra Bokade from Std. V secured 44th rank in state among CBSE – ICSE schools.