Warm Greetings from Channawar’s e Vidyamandir. This is an appeal and we expect of you to kindly go through this mail and narration here with utmost sensitivity…

This is the story of one of our student studying in 2nd standard “Ansh Ghanshymji Ate” son of a farmer who committed suicide due to debt. He is from a small village named Anji near Wardha. He was admitted to our school in current academic session 2016 – 17 with a concession of around 85 % in the overall expenses. The total expenses incurring are around 37,000/- INR.  in an academic year. This is just an example of one of our student whom we have supported and saved from being deprived of basic educational facilities. Our school has strength of around 900 students out of which 15 – 20 % falls in to the same economical category as like of Ansh. At Channawar’s e Vidyamandir, the management tries its level best to facilitate such students and provide them an opportunity to be part of the main stream. In current academic year we have given cumulative concessions of 19 lakhs to such students. But we have our limitations as an organisation. We are growing and we are growing at a pace of almost 100 – 125 % per annum year on year on the basis of admissions. At this pace we feel that we may soon fall short in assisting such needy and deprived candidates on the monetary front. In such situation of distress we look up to the society and noble-minded people like you to come ahead and help us.

We urge you to come ahead benevolently and extend your munificent support with a commiserative humanly approach by DONATING an amount of your choice starting from 5000/- INR. to whatever you feel deem fit for supporting these necessitous, stricken with scarcity children. We are doing our bit of service towards them and invoke you to participate in this social cause. We desperately feel that these kids deserve all that what the kids from a well to do family gets without craving for. They too have same feelings, same intellect, same cuteness and same innocence. What they lack is just fortune. Lets stand behind these children, hold their hands, try and fulfil their small dreams, make them smile, make them feel privileged too.

Let me have an opportunity to introduce you to the activities undertaken by the school for the development of our students, the future generation of our country.

  • Trend setters in school education in Vidarbha.
  • Compared to facilities and standard of education delivery, we charge minimal fees.
  • School is located in rural area of Wardha district.
  • Emphasises on implementation of innovative techniques like e books and smart classrooms.
  • Holistic approach and determined mindset.
  • Started grooming the student from standard third onwards for the competitive exams like Olympiads, Various Scholarships and UPSC.
  • Introduced VEDIC MATHS for all our students so as their mental ability to solve complex problems with speed and accuracy is enhanced.
  • The school conducts Oratory and Debate competitions at an interval of every two months for the students of std. 6 to std. 9 to enable them express their views and ideas with an open mindset. The topics selected for these competition are of Indian and global level issues and controversies to make them aware of current socio economical conditions worldwide as well as the nation.
  • The school has spacious library of around 2500 sq. feet with around 3000 books and counting.
  • We have two well furnished computer labs in the school with 60 computers & many other facilities.
We are always agog to provide best of the available facilities and knowledge to our students and will continue to do so persistently with commitment and dedication.

Before concluding, let me thank you for taking out precious time for reading out the mail. Expect to listen from you soon on a positive note.

Thanking you once again.

Yours sincerely
Er. Dinesh Channawar
Aakar Education Society, Wardha

P.S: Amount donated will help in saving income tax u/s 80 (G) of Income- Tax.